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How far do you travel?


We travel the UK and EU, however venues over 150 miles from Nottingham may require overnight accomodation.

Do The Soul Thieves have any specific requirements?

Yes, adequate power supply situated in and around where the band are to perform. It is also customary to provide the band with food, drinks, changing facilities and parking.

How long do The Soul Thieves play?


Usually we play anything from 3 x 40 minute sets. However the set times can be tailored to the clients request or schedule.

How long do the band need to setup?

Approximately the band will need up to 30 minutes to setup and sound check. Please ensure that when planning your event you allow enough time for this as a decent setup is vital to the band, providing you with the best entertainment possible. Rush sound checks can sometimes lead to a poor sound.

Can we pick our own set list?


Preferences of songs you would like us to play are welcomed. However we advise against arranging our set list due the specific nature in which we put together our performances. We have discovered that not every request works well in a live situation but some can work great.

What happens if one the band members are sick?


Although the members on this site are the full time musicians, we work with a good selection of quality musicians across the country. We have official, rehearsed, ‘deps’ or understudies who are ready to stand in at the last minute should an emergency occur, and we can guarantee that the standard of the band will not be affected should this occur.

What equipment do you provide?


The Soul Thieves consist of:



Bass Guitar

Lead Guitar

Keyboard + Backing Vocals

Lead Singer


As a band we come equipped with all of our own instruments, microphones and amplification to suit up to 150 guests. Should you wish to use a microphone one will be provided for you.


Our lighting setup, although simple, provides an authentic atmosphere without the old fashion look of disco.


4 x Mulit LED par cans

Spinning Colour Ball

Reflective Balls

Smoke Machine


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